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Working With Jan

What's tricky about getting guidance from someone is that they will usually just tell you "what they would do."  But "what you would do" is Unique to You.  Your method of being is what you came here to learn.  So to be clear, I am not interested in taking your power from you by giving you “my” advice.  I am interested in helping you claim your power.  You are walking in your own shoes.  The energy that went into making you can play out in many ways. 

I will not tell you who you are, but I will show you some of what you came here to learn.  Together, we can see your evolutionary path more clearly.  Tell me what is out of whack in your life, and we can start there to bring you into balance.  It often depends on the depth of the issue.  Is what you are wanting to address caused by a recent stress or is it a multi-generational or lifelong lesson?

I can cut to the chase right now if you would like.  What is out of balance in your life has to do with your relationship to Source and your relationship with yourself.  All other areas of life reflect these relationships.  And this is shown in your astrological chart.  The degrees of the planets at the moment of your birth are also indicative of the energy the universe used to form you.

It is up to you to decide how you will use the energy that went into creating you.  It's pretty simple.  Are you making things better?  Or are you making things worse?

Together we identify your life lessons.  From there, I will provide you with tools to help you connect with Source and dissolve your resistance to your own evolution.  Whether your stuck energy is from current, past life, or ancestral trauma, I will share how to use Jin Shin Jyutsu to treat yourself and dissolve your own blockages.

Often insights and clarification will come to you when communication opens up within the body. 

Let go of what sabotages you while setting energetic boundaries.

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