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My time with Jan was as healing as it was cathartic. She accurately found my worry center  located in my stomach, which always tends to be quite noisy and gurgling, signaling unrest and tension. After a few moments of intense energy alignment, my stomach quieted down and I felt a calmness that I usually only feel when I’m in deep meditation. She taught me certain techniques I can use on myself to calm anxiety that I use everyday. She also helped me better understand my birth chart as to prepare for my future. Jan truly has a gift that has helped me tremendously in my journey and I am so grateful that she is sharing this with others.

Laura P., Los Angeles, CA

Jan has been a wonderful, healing force in my life since meeting her years ago. She helped me clear a major energy blockage around financial struggle that has significantly improved my life. She’s always there with infinite wisdom and compassion, working with Jan will set you free!

Jordan L., Joshua Tree, CA


I'm always encouraged by Jan's passion for and knowledge about Jin Shin Jyutsu and astrology. When I was feeling stress about my path in life, she correctly predicted that it would resolve in a couple of weeks with the transit of several powerful planets and urged me not to make radical changes. That was very sound and much needed advice! It was really helpful to know that some of my back pain stemmed from the need to let go of things I've been holding on to. I was amazed by how quickly she pinpointed the exact causes of my issues. I think she has true talent and a genuinely caring heart. Her help has markedly improved my physical and emotional well-being. I highly recommend her.

Robin P., Eugene, OR


Jan's abilities to do my reading were overwhelming, as she is so gifted and giving.  I learned a lot that clarified things about myself.  Her reading gave me direction, knowledge and guidance.  I look forward to my next one.  Thanks Jan.

Diane G., Maui, HI

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