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No matter where you are in the world, I am here to assist you in dissolving the energetic impediments that inhibit you from being who you came here to be.

In a one-on-one 2 hour session, conducted via the Internet or phone, we will discuss your Astrological Natal chart and current transits which demonstrate how the universe is prompting your growth. I will provide Jin Shin Jyutsu self-care suggestions to help you dissolve your specific blockages.  If time allows, I will cover your Relocation chart and Progressed chart.  All charts and pertinent information will be emailed to you.  I will send you the recorded video, viewable online through OneDrive, or you can record it yourself, via Zoom.

The goal isn't to meet indefinitely.  After our initial session, we can evaluate your situation and determine which issues need to be further addressed.   The focus is on you acquiring information on how to heal yourself with Jin Shin Jyutsu flows. 

If you already know your Natal chart, we can expand your knowledge by looking at other charts that pertain to you and you alone.

If your natal chart doesn’t seem to resemble you, you may be on a different frequency, which can be reflected in one of several other charts. They reflect other aspects of this existence and can tell us a great deal about your journey.


Other charts to explore:

Secondary Progressions, Solar Returns, Pre-natal Eclipse, Composite point, Antiscia

Mars Returns, which affects the energy in an entire 2-year period


4 Harmonic Charts, which reflect different frequencies of this existence  

  • The Pi chart - shows you how to find your center

  • E chart - shows you how to put your energy out into the world at the highest frequency

  • The Upward Spiral Chart

  • The Downward Spiral Chart - shows your Undoing

My personal Harmonic Chart of Undoing has my Sun in the early degrees of Taurus in the 9th house, which means my undoing is hoarding knowledge without sharing.  If you knew how accurate that was for me, you would know why I am offering this chart.

Note: This work is personal and intimate. I am very straight-forward, and sometimes our discussions may trigger internal challenges that need healing.  If you experience an emotional or physical reaction, please let me know and we will talk it through.

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