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Manly P. Hall

"If you knowingly do the wrong thing and expect good to come from it, you are just fooling yourself."  

Astonomical Clock
I combine Astrology with the healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.


We are all here to uncover our gifts and share them with the world.  Astrology can clarify the reason you have incarnated into this physical body, in this lifetime.  Jin Shin Jyutsu dissolves stuck trauma and opens up energetic pathways, freeing you to be who you came here to be.

Are you feeling stuck in negative patterns?  Are you anxious, confused, exhausted, depressed, fearful, sad, worried, angry?


Are you out of touch with who you are, experiencing physical or emotional pain, or going through a major life transition?

Are you in need of clearing out what no longer serves you and wanting to connect to your Life Purpose?

Image by Josh Rangel
My Clients 

* Are spiritually aware and ready to evolve

* No longer want to repeat patterns that distract them from living a fulfilling life 

* Know they are stuck, but need help getting unstuck

* Are ready to be active in their own healing

"My time was healing and cathartic. Jan accurately found my worry center in my stomach. After intense energy alignment, my stomach quieted, and I felt a deep, meditative calm. She taught everyday techniques to calm anxiety and explained my birth chart to prepare for my future. Jan's gift has helped me in my journey." 

— Laura M., Los Angeles

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